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We are inviting teens (grades 6-12) to submit book reviews for our website! Whether it was a Book, TV Show, Movie, Video Game or Album – if it was good we want to hear about it! If you would like to submit a review for our consideration, please fill out the form below. Each approved review is good for 1.5 hours of community service.


Reviewed by: Henderson O., 9th Grade

Title: Midwinter Murder: Fireside Tales from the Queen of Mystery

Author: Agatha Christie

Genre:  Fiction, Mystery  

Rating: 8/10

"This book is composed of twelve short murder mystery stories, each taking place in the winter, so this is a perfect book to read under a warm

blanket on a cold night during the holidays or anytime in the following months.

The novel manages to keep you captivated and invested throughout all of its stories, especially the opening story and the longest of the dozen, Three Blind Mice. Although despite keeping you on the edge of your seat and ending in a shocking reveal, these stories remain light-hearted and are perfectly fun and digestible for days where you may not want something heavy or complex. Agatha Christie, the author, does this by creating interesting characters in and adding well-placed humor into each story, not to mention the atmospheric winter ambiance of the entire book. It leaves it to the reader whether or not they want to search for clues in between the lines or simply follow along as the detective unravels the case. In that sense, it can be read as an enthralling race to solve a murder before the end of the chapter, or simply read as an easy but memorable little tale."


Reviewed by: Abigail G., 8th Grade

Title: The Heroes of Olympus (Series)

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre:  Fiction, Adventure, Greek Mythology 

Rating: 10/10

"I’ve read every book in the series except the last book and it’s super

good the author leaves you on a cliff hanger every book so you want to read the next one. The more you read the more things start to click and it’s so awesome reading about these hidden clues that are suddenly revealed. 

I would recommend this book to anyone who maybe wants to try out some Greek mythology or anyone in general because if you never try you will never know if you like it."


Reviewed by: Jennifer S., 8th Grade

Title: Tasting the Sky

Author: Ibtisam Barakat

Genre:  Non-Fiction, Memoir 

Rating: 10/10

"My review of this book is it is a very interesting book. The author wrote this book in first person point of view. This includes how she saw

everything as a child not adult view. Ibtisam Barakat showed everything that happened to her not the war even after the war. This book also shows how after war how life gets very messed up.

I would definitely recommend this book. Ibtisam Barakat shows a lot of love to this book. This book is great for teens and tweens. Her love of writing and language is showed in her book. You could tell the mood and tone while reading this. Amazing Book!"



Reviewed by: Annabelle N., 8th Grade

Title: The Mimic

Type of game: Online Game

Genre:  Co-op, Puzzle, Adventure, Mystery, Horror  

Rating: 10/10

"The Mimic is a horror game which takes you through four stories that are based off of Japanese urban legends and folktale myths. Recommend being over the age of 13 or being able to handle the scare. Also recommend playing with a group of friends and others to enjoy the fun. I’ve finished the first story with the help of friends and have made memorable moments along the way. The storylines are great and the graphics are out of this world. This doesn’t even look or compete against any other Roblox horror game, it’s that good. This game is available on the platform Roblox and is free. Absolute masterpiece."


Reviewed by: Emmanuel G., 8th Grade

Title: Catan

Type of game: Board Game

Genre:  Multiplayer, Casual, Trading, World Building

Rating: 10/10

"This game is very interesting and at first it may not seem fun but as you progress deeper into the game, it becomes very fun to play especially with friends or family. This game is centered around trading, building and settling. I’ve played this game with friends and we were playing for hours. I would definitely recommend this game to someone who just wants to have a good time!"

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