Be Alert to Coronavirus Scams and More...

It's unfortunate that in these trying times there are scammers out there trying to get you to give them your money, or worse, steal your identity.

Please visit the following sites (by clicking the links) to educate yourself on these evergrowing Scams, especially now with  Coronavirus (COVID-19) upon us.

1. This first site is the official site of the United States Postal Service Inspectors Service.  It offers a wealth of information:

2. This second site is the official site of the Federal Trade Commission's Scam Alert page:

3. This third site is the official information site (general area of interest) of the Federal Government.  This is a special page for warnings about the Coronavirus scams:

4. And this fourth site is the US Food and Drug Administration site. Click on the links on that page to gather more information:

And finally are these two important sites to check the validity of: 1) charities and 2) whether or not something is a scam overall.

This site is for an organization called Charity Watch.  They vigorously check the voracity of all charities.  PLEASE check this site BEFORE you give!

This site is for an organization called Snopes.  They vigorously check the many rumors, urban legends, and other scams out in the "wilds of the Internet".  PLEASE check this site BEFORE believing any stories you read/hear:

Thank you... Stay Alert.... Stay Vigilant.... Stay Home (to protect others)... and most importantly.... Stay Safe!