Having a Secure Passphrase (Password)

PASSWORDS.... We all use them.... but... HOW secure are they really?!??????

TEST your password for ease of hacking, by visiting this (legitimate and secure) website:

When you type in your password at the How Secure Is My Password site, it will tell you how long it would take a typical hacker to crack your password. The LONGER it takes the better.

The site ( is run by a company called "Dash Lane" which is in the business of selling password remembering tools for computers and I've checked the site thoroughly and it is honestly legitimate.

IF.... your password comes up weak (like it can be cracked in 4 years or less), then you really should change it to something more secure.

Gone are the days when you had to create some crazy password like: Qw4$%#tJlM

I mean... who is going to remember that???!

Instead... create a passphrase such as: " ThisIsMyBankingPassword "

That particular passphrase with the capital letters that you see above will take the best hacker: 6 SEXTILLION years (!) to crack/guess. The earth will be a cold burnt out husk and humans will be living in the Alpha Centuri galaxy by then. (But... don't use the example I've just provided.... now that it's out there on the "web", it's known... just vary it to your own liking... make it a PHRASE.)

I know I joke... but being secure is important.... because once you're hacked/cracked, getting your life together after is very, very , very difficult as compared to being proactive and not being hacked/cracked in the first place.

Be Secure.... or Beware!