iPhone Tips & Tricks- Save Battery Life and Speed Up iPhone

Greetings Quogue Library Patrons! For my first Blog, I think we should start with the iPhone. Most everyone has an iPhone and the number one question I'm asked as IT Coordinator is: "Russ, how can I get more battery life out of my new iPhone?"

It is indeed possible to squeeze more life out of the fixed battery inside your iPhone. This first blog will show a few basic settings that can be adjusted on your iPhone to maximize your battery life and quite possibly speed up your iPhone. Now, before we begin, I have to list the disclaimer:

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Let's continue by talking about battery life. Today's iPhone is basically a computer that has telephone capabilities and as such requires power to do its job. Gone are the days of the simple "flip phone" that just made calls and perhaps a text or two. Those old "flip phones" could keep a charge for 12 hours or more, where today' iPhone if used heavily may not even make 6 hours of use.

So... how can we get more out of the battery? The following are a few tips you can try.

*IMPORTANT* : The following information is for users that have updated to the LATEST operating system from Apple for the iPhone. The newest is iOS 10.2

If you are using an OLDER version of the software, or are unsure, then the following information will NOT pertain to you and/or you may not have screens, functions, settings that are the same. In that case, please do NOT proceed with the reading until you update. And if you are not sure how to update, that will be covered in a future blog entry.

1. On the Home screen, find the SETTINGS app and tap it once to open it