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12 Months to Live - Patterson, James
Beyond That, the Sea - Spence-Ash, Laura


Up Home - Simmons, Ruth J



Black Sheep: A Novel - Harrison, Rachel

Code Red: A Mitch Rapp Novel -  Mills, Kyle

Flipping Boxcars: A Novel - Kyles,Cedric

The Fraud -  Smith, Zadie

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store - McBride, James

Ink Blood Sister Scribe: A Novel - Törzs, Emma

The Land of Lost Things - Connolly, John

Tom Clancy Flash Point: A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel - Bentley, Don

The It Girl - Ware, Ruth

Nineteen Steps: A Novel - Brown, Millie Bobby with McGurl,  Kathleen

23 1/2 Lies: Thrillers - Patterson, James 


Cook It Up: Bold Moves for Family Foods - Guarnaschelli, Alex

Time's Echo -  Eichler, Jeremy

Wild Girls - Miles, Tiya



The Golden Gate - Chus, Amy
Saving Emma - Eskens, Allen


Build the Life You Want - Brooks, Arthur C
Larry McMurtry - Daugherty, Tracy
Necessary Trouble - Faust, Drew Gilpin
Two Roads Home - Finkelstein, Daniel
Through the Groves - Hull, Anne
Once a Giant - Myers, Gary
Father and Son - Raban, Jonathan
Flee North - Shane, Scott
Jackie - Taraborrelli, J. Randy



Clive Cussler: Condor’s Fury - Brown, Graham
The Raging Storm - Cleeves, Ann
Holly - King, Stephen
Payback In Death - Robb, J.D.
On Fire Island - Rosen, Jane L.
Death By a Thousand Sips - Rue, Gretchen
Evil Eye - Rum, Etaf
How Can I Help You - Sims, Laura


Why We Love Baseball - Posnanski, Joe



Pet - Chidgey,Catherine
Falls - Kim, Angie
The Continental Affair - Mangan, Christine
The Housemaid’s Secret - McFadden, Freida
The Breakaway - Weiner, Jennifer


Outlive - Attia, Peter MD
Into the Bright Sunshine - Freedman, Samuel G.
Baking Yesteryear - Hollis, B. Dylan
The Slip - Peiffer, Prudence
Facing the Climate Emergency - Salamon, Margaret Klein
The Dress Diary - Strasdin, Kate



Chameleon - Adeleke, Remi
The Anniversary - Bishop, Stephanie
Vampires of El Norte - Canas, Isabel
A Twisted Love Story - Downing, Samantha
The Invisible Hour - Hoffman, Alice
So Long, Chester Wheeler - Hyde, Catherine Ryan
Small Town Sins - Jaworowski, Ken

In the Lives of Puppets - Klune, TJ
Close to Home - Magee, Michael
The Happiness Plan - Mallery, Susan
The God of Good Looks - McIvor, Breanne
The Stolen Coast - Murphy, Dwyer
The Bee Sting - Murray, Paul
Lion & Lamb - Patterson, James
Hope - Ridker, Andrew
The Devil’s Playground - Russell, Craig
Death Comes to Marlow - Thorogood, Robert
Crook Manifesto - Whitehead, Colson


Under the Eyes of Power - Dickey, Colin
The Last Ride of the Pony Express - Grant, Will
August Wilson - Hartigan, Patti
Quantum Supremacy - Kaku, Michio
You Have to Be Prepared to Die Before You Can Begin to Live - Kix, Paul
The Yellow Pad - Rubin, Robert E.
The In-Between - Vlahos, Hadley RN



The Art of Scandal - Black, Regina

Witness: Stories - Brinkley, Jamel

Out of Nowhere - Brown, Sandra

South - Fortunato, Mario

Icebreaker - Grace, Hannah

Old Enough  - Jakobson, Haley

None of This is True - Jewell, Lisa

Wolfsong - Klune, TJ

Whalefall - Kraus, Daniel

The Mistress of Bhatia House - Massey, Sujata

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store - McBride, James

Tom Lake - Patchett, Ann

The Bone Hacker - Reichs, Kathy

Pieces of Blue - Sloan, Holly Goldberg

Lethal Range - Steck, Ryan

Happiness - Steel, Danielle


What an Owl Knows - Ackerman, Jennifer

Waiting to Be Arrested at Night - Izgil, Tahir Hamut             

The Plant-Powered Plan to Beat Diabetes - Palmer, Sharon, MSFS

A Short History of the World in 50 Lies - Tidd, Natasha

Ultra-Processed People - Van Tulleken, Chris



The Wind Knows My Name - Allende, Isabel
Simply Lies - Baldacci, David
Swamp Story - Barry, Dave
Old God’s Time - Barry, Sebastian
The Postcard - Berest, Anne
The Last Lifeboat - Gaynor, Hazel
The Paris Daughter - Harmel, Kristin
The Survivor - Johansen, Iris
The Paris Agent - Rimmer, Kelly
My Murder - Williams, Katie


A Future We Can Love - Bauer-Wu, Susan
No Ordinary Assignment - Ferguson, Jane
The Heat Will Kill You First - Goodell, Jeff
Bogie & Bacall - Mann,
William J
The War Came To Us - Miller, Christopher
This Isn’t Going to End Well - Wallace, Daniel
To Dye For - Wicker, Alden



A Long Time Coming - Breger, Samara
The Bourne Defiance - Freeman, Brian
The Little Village of Book Lovers - George, Nina
The Carnival of Curiosities - Gibbs, Amiee
After Death - Koontz, Dean
Prom Mom - Lippman, Laura
The Air Raid Book Club - Lyons, Annie
Silver Nitrate - Moreno-Garcia, Silvia
The Collector - Silva, Daniel
Dead Fall T- hor, Brad
Crook Manifesto - Whitehead, Colson
Fourth Wing - Yarros, Rebecca


We’ve Got You Covered - Einav, Liran




Spare Room - Bartz, Andrea

Clytemnestra - Casati, Costanza

Save What’s Next - Castellano, Elizabeth

Blue Hour - Harrison, Tiffany Clarke

Trinity - Lockhart, Zelda

Happiness Plan - Mallery, Susan

Excavations - Myers, Kate

Lying Beside You - Robotham, Michael

Most Agreeable Murder - Seales, Julia

Banyan Moon - Thai, Thao

In the Upper Country - Thomas, Kai

Road to Surrender - Thomas, Evan

Hang the Moon - Walls, Jeannette

The Love of My Life - Walsh, Rosie

Welcome to Beach Town - Wiggs, Susan

Beach at Summerly - Williams, Beatriz

Man In the Corduroy Suit - Wolff, James


Camera Girl - Anthony, Carl Sferra

Art Thief - Finkel, Michael

Almost Brown - Gill, Charlotte

Owner of a Lonely Heart - Nguyen, Bich Minh

Android Phones for Seniors - Vandome, Nick  

iPhone for Seniors - Vandome, Nick   

Book of Charlie Wisdom - Von Drehle, David

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