The Quogue Library is chartered by the State of New York to meet the educational, informational, cultural and recreational needs of the residents of the Quogue School District and residents of East Quogue who select the Quogue Library as their home library. In order to ensure an atmosphere conducive to these purposes, the following rules, regulations and procedures are enacted by the Board of Trustees for the purpose of maintaining public order in the library facilities and grounds by all Library patrons, visitors and employees.


As a condition for the use of Library facilities, Library patrons, employees, visitors and community groups who enter upon and remain at the Library facilities agree that they shall be subject to these rules and regulations. Failure to comply with the same shall constitute grounds for their immediate ejection and/or revocation of rights to enter upon Library premises and other action as deemed appropriate by the Library Board of Trustees. The Library Director or his/her designee is empowered to enforce these rules and regulations.


The use of Library facilities and entry unto Library premises shall be limited to employees of the Library in the performance of their duties and patrons and visitors to the Library facilities and offices for Library related purposes such as reading, selecting, borrowing and returning books and materials, use of patron computer facilities and attendance at meetings and programs authorized by the Board of Trustees or Library personnel. Any person who, while lawfully at such Library facilities, causes or attempts to cause physical damage to books or other Library materials, or enters into unauthorized areas, refuses to comply with the directives of the Library Director or other authorized personnel, willfully disrupts Library functions or programs authorized by Library personnel, damages, alters, mars or defaces Library books or materials, transports illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, fireworks, firearms or weapons onto Library premises, shall be deemed to be a trespasser and in violation of these rules and regulations.


The following are regulations governing the conduct of patrons and designed to provide for the comfort and protection of patrons, staff and visitors coming upon or utilizing the facilities of the Quogue Library. Accordingly, the following actions are prohibited and these prohibitions are to be observed and will be enforced by the Director, his/her designee and Library personnel.

  • Leaving children under age 10 unattended.
  • Engaging in disruptive behavior or interfering with patrons’ and visitors’ use of the Library, particularly in quiet areas.  
  • Harassing patrons, staff members or visitors on Library property.
  • Using loud, abusive or threatening language.
  • Defacing, destroying or tampering with Library material, property or equipment.
  • Loitering or soliciting on Library property.
  • Skateboarding and roller blading on Library property. Putting feet on furniture or sitting on tables.
  • Rearranging furniture.
  • Having bare feet, inappropriate dress or a lack of appropriate hygiene such that patrons are prevented from utilizing the Library
  • Using audio equipment or comparable electronic devices without headphones.
  • Using cell phones, other than for data, inside the Library.
  • Keeping all electronic devices on silent mode in the Library.
  • Smoking, consuming alcohol, partaking of controlled substances or carrying weapons on Library premises
  • Bringing food or beverages to the Library or consuming food or beverages inside the Library
  • Distributing leaflets or circulate petitions
  • Scheduling meetings or events at the Library premises without advance written permission of the Library Director


While the Quogue Library facilities are open, the Library Director or his/her designee shall be responsible for the enforcement of these rules and regulations. Any violation thereof shall be immediately reported to the Library Director or his/her designee who will immediately make inquiry of the facts and circumstances surrounding the complaint, and who may thereupon either direct the trespasser to cease and desist the violation or vacate the premises. Upon the refusal of such person to obey the directive of the employee, the employee is authorized and directed to make a complaint to the appropriate law enforcement agency and sign any information as necessary charging the violator with the appropriate violation. The Library Director will make a report to the Board of Trustees. These same procedures shall apply when the Library is not open to the public and when the Library Director and his/her designee is not present and a Library employee observes such violation of the rules and regulations. Subsequently, such employee, at the first opportunity, shall make a written report of the facts and circumstances to the Library Director.

The Library shall indemnify and hold harmless the Library Director, his/her designee or any Library personnel, from any action, claim or proceeding instituted against such person arising out the enforcement of these rules and regulations.

In addition to all of the foregoing summary remedies against the trespasser and/or person in violation of these rules and regulations, the Library Director may thereafter, in his/her sole discretion, take the following action with respect to the following categories of persons:

  • Library patrons: Persons qualified for registration as a borrower of books and materials may have their privileges to use the Library’s facilities and/or services suspended for a period not to exceed one year.
  • Library personnel: Employees are subject to the provisions of this policy.
  • Visitors: Visitors may be subject to the revocation of their privilege to enter upon Library property for a period not to exceed one year. The Library Director may, at his/her discretion, notify other agencies of action taken.


Appeals by Library patrons and visitors relating to the suspension of Library service privileges and/or revocation of their privileges to enter upon Library premises may be made to the Board of Trustees. Appeals by Library personnel subject to Education Law and personnel policies, to the extent relevant, may be made to the Board of Trustees.

Each person, not an employee of the Library, shall have the right to submit a written notice of appeal to the Board of Trustees within thirty (30) days of any action of the Library Director suspending borrowing privileges or revoking their license to enter Library premises. The Board of Trustees, or their designee, shall convene a hearing within thirty (30) days of submission of such notice of appeal, at which time and place the aggrieved shall be afforded the opportunity to present evidence, testify and cross examine witnesses. Within fourteen (14) days of such hearing, the Board of Trustees shall render a decision in writing.


Quogue Library cards may be obtained by showing proof of residency (such as driver’s license, utility bill, car registration) in the Quogue School District and by residents of East Quogue who have selected the Quogue Library as their home library. Proof of residency must contain a street address not a post office box number. Children under 17 need a parent/guardian to register for a library card.


The Library Director will set fines for overdue materials.


In order to provide effective service to all patrons in an equitable manner, certain priorities and limits have been established. Answering patron questions takes precedence over all other staff duties. In general, in-person questions take precedence over questions received by telephone, e-mail, mail or other means.

If a patron, staff member or visitor exhibits any behavior which in the opinion of the Director or staff disrupts the operation of the Library or its use by others or which endangers the health, safety or welfare of patrons, employees or visitors he/she will be asked to leave.


For your children’s safety and comfort, the Quogue Library requires that all children below the age of l0 be accompanied and supervised by a parent or responsible caregiver while using the Library.

Parents or caregivers, not Library staff, are responsible for the behavior and supervision of their children while using the Library.

The Quogue Library does not assume responsibility for the children’s safety or behavior when they are in the Library.

Parents or responsible caregivers will be notified if their children, including children 10 and older, are left unattended and require supervision.

If parents or caregivers are unavailable, proper authorities will be contacted.


Application to use the Library’s building or grounds (“facilities”) must be made in writing by an adult two weeks prior to the date requested. No application shall be considered officially approved until the Library Director signs it. The applicant agrees to the release of the applicant’s name and telephone number to any person requesting information concerning the organization’s activities or programs. Private, social or fund-raising activities are prohibited. The Director reserves the right to deny an application for use of facilities for any reason.

Use of the Library’s facilities does not imply endorsement of the beliefs or programs of an organization by the Library or anyone connected with the Library. All publicity and/or media coverage for the activity in the Library, whatever the source, must be approved by the Library Director prior to issuance or coverage. The Library may only be referred to as a location, not as a sponsor, nor as a headquarters, in any publicity. The Library’s telephone number may not be given to obtain further information regarding a non-­Library sponsored use. Any literature or other items to be distributed must be submitted to the Director for approval at least 48 hours prior to intended distribution. If items are in violation of law or regulation, distribution of same is prohibited.

An organization applying to use Library facilities may be required to provide a copy of its by-laws, membership list, official statement of purpose and affiliation with other organizations. Non-affiliated Library groups may also be required to provide proof of insurance.

The applicant must certify that the facilities shall be used only for the specific activity stated on the application and for no other purpose whatsoever. No activity may disrupt any Library operation.

The applicant is responsible for providing adequate responsible adult supervision and responsibility for maintaining public order and safety. Groups whose members include minors must be supervised by responsible adults in a ratio to be determined by the Director.

The Library Director, or designee, is authorized to order the termination of any activity making use of Library facilities in violation of any law or use regulation. The Library Director, or designee, is authorized to call upon appropriate law enforcement agencies to enforce such action if, in the opinion of the Library official, circumstances warrant such action. Further permission to use the facilities may be denied to any group which proves to be disorderly or which violated any law or regulation.

Meetings/Events must be scheduled so as to conform to Library hours. Organization holding the meeting/event will be responsible for setting up for the meeting under the direction of the Library staff. Prior notification of set-up desired must be given to the Director. Library equipment used in connection with a meeting (projectors, microphones, etc.) must be operated by Library personnel or by a trained applicant. The organization will be charged for Library personnel hours.

Should demand for the use of Library facilities increase by community groups, the frequency of use formally granted may be reduced in favor of patron service and program needs.

A request to use refreshments must be made to the Director at the time the application is submitted specifying the types of food and beverages to be offered and any appliances or equipment to be used. As determined by the Library director, there will be a fee plus a deposit in the event additional costs are incurred, with all additional costs paid by the applicant. The final and sole interpretation of this policy rests with the Board of Trustees. Implementation and enforcement are delegated to the Library Director. All garbage is to be placed in designated containers and all food and any garbage must be removed before closing.


The Library Director shall determine computer user time. All users must sign in to the patron access system (CASSIE) using their valid library barcode number or a guest pass given to the user by a staff member. Use of the computers is governed by acceptance of the “Acceptable Use Policy” displayed on the computer screen upon login, as well as, posted throughout the computer lab and library.  Users that violate the “Acceptable Use Policy” will be expelled from the Library premises. Cell phones may be used for data purposes only. Food and beverages are not permitted.


Due to limited display space, the Library reserves the right to restrict the size, number and location of display material. The time span will not exceed thirty (30) days. Material must be submitted to the Library Director for approval.

No organization or individual shall be permitted to display or exhibit any materials which advocate the election or defeat of any candidate for office, or which advocate any affirmative or negative vote for any proposition.

No commercial notices are allowed.

The Library assumes no responsibility for the content of the notices or materials, nor for the possible damage or theft of materials. Items posted are done so for informational purposes only. Posting does not imply an endorsement by the Library.

Soliciting funds, except for Library purposes, is not permitted. No organization or individual shall be permitted to place in the Library any box, receptacle or canister that solicits donations. Posters announcing fund raising programs sponsored by any local non-profit organization may be displayed provided there is space available.

Petitions may not be posted in the Library.

Any posting must have a name and telephone contact number for further information and clarification.


The Library will retain the services of a certified public accountant that will perform an annual audit in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and in conformity with the requirements of the New York State Department of Audit and Control. After the close of the fiscal year, the accountant will present the audit report to the Trustees.


The Board of Trustees shall consist of at least nine and no more than twelve members. A Trustee’s full term of office shall be three years. An individual may be elected to serve more than one consecutive term.


The Board of Trustees meets regularly. All meetings of the Board of Trustees are open to the public. The dates are posted on the Library’s web site (www.quoguelibrary.org), in the Library’s bi-monthly Library newsletter, and are advertised in the official notices section of The Southampton Press.


Members of the public have an opportunity at the start of board meetings to introduce themselves and make a brief statement, under two minutes. Members of the public may not participate in the business of the meeting.


Trustees shall observe ethical standards with absolute truth, integrity and honor.

Trustees are required to avoid situations in which personal interests might be served or financial benefits gained at the expense of the library.

It is incumbent upon any trustee to disqualify himself/herself immediately whenever the appearance of or a conflict of interest exists.

Trustees must distinguish clearly in their actions and statements between their personal philosophies and attitudes and those of the institution, acknowledging the formal position of the Board even if he or she personally disagrees.

A trustee must respect the confidential nature of Library business while being aware of, and in compliance with, applicable laws governing freedom of information.

Trustees must be prepared to support to the fullest the efforts of the Library Director in resisting censorship of library materials by groups and individuals.

Trustees who accept library board responsibilities are expected to perform all of the functions of a library trustee.


Investment Objectives:

  • To conform with all applicable federal, state, and other legal requirements
  • To adequately safeguard principal
  • To provide liquidity to meet all operating requirements
  • To obtain a reasonable rate of return

Permitted Investments: Although an association library and not subject to General Municipal Law, the Library’s investment of all funds, including privately raised funds, will conform to the requirements of the General Municipal Law.

Collateralizing of Deposits: In accordance with the provisions of the General Municipal Law, all deposits of the Library in excess of the amount insured under the provisions of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act, .shall be secured by a pledge of eligible securities or a pro ­rata portion of a pool of eligible securities with an aggregate “market value” equal to or greater aggregate amount of deposits.


Ultimate responsibility for materials selection rests with the Library Director, who operates within the framework of policies determined by the Library Board. Materials are selected with the aid of standard reviewing procedures.  It should be understood that the Library provides free digital access to materials and reserves the right to limit the amount of print materials that can be housed in the facility. The responsibility for selecting and retaining materials is delegated to qualified and knowledgeable staff of the library. Staff members and library users are encouraged to participate by suggesting titles for possible purchase.


The Quogue Library believes that censorship is a purely individual matter and declares that while anyone is free to reject materials of which one does not approve, one cannot exercise this right of censorship to restrict the freedom of others to read, listen, or view materials.