National Women’s History Month

· The Reader’s Companion to U.S. Women’s History, Edited by Wilma Mankiller

· No More Nice Girls: Gender, power, and why its time to stop playing, by Laurne Mckeon

· She Takes a Stand: 16 Fearless activists who have changed the world, by Michael Ross

· A Black Women’s History of the United States, by Daina Berry

· Queen of Thieves: The true story of “Marm” Mandelbaum and her gangs of New York, by J. North Conway

· Mighty Justice: My life in Civil Rights, by Dovey Roundtree

· Anne Bonny: The infamous female pirate, by Phillip Tucker

· Together We Rise: The Women’s March: Behind the scenes at the protest

· Smithsonian American Women: Women’s history from the National Collection, edited by Victoria Pope

· Unbought and Unbossed, by Shirley Chisholm

· See Jane Win: The inspiring story of the women changing American politics, by Caitlin Moscatello

· Marathon Woman: Running the race to revolutionize women’s sports, by Kathrine Switzer

· Brave Hearted: The women of the American West, by Katie Hickman

· The Cotillion Brigade: A novel of the Civil War and the most famous female militia in American history, by Glen Craney

· Jane Against the World: Roe v. Wade and the fight for reproductive rights, by Karen Blumenthal

· The Watergate Girl: My fight for truth and justice against a criminal president, by Jill Wine-Banks

· The Women with Silver Wings, by Katherine Sharp Landdeck

· Soul on Soul: The life and music of Mary Lou Williams, by Tammy Kernodle

· Dr. Mary Walker’s Civil War: One woman’s journey to the Medal of Honor and the fight for women’s rights, by Theresa Kaminski

· The Unstoppable Ruth Bader Ginsburg: American icon, by Antonia Felix

· The Radium Girls: The dark story of America’s shining women, by Kate Moore

· Jane Crow: The life of Pauli Murray, by Rosalind Rosenberg

Social Workers Month

· Assistant Social Worker, by Michael Rudman

· This is Your Passbook for Licensed Master Social Worker, Test Preparation

National Nutrition Month

· The Mind-Gut Connection: How the hidden conversation within our bodies impacts our mood, our choices, and our overall health, by Dr. Emeran Mayer

· Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide to healthy eating, by Walter Willett

· Whole: Rethinking the science of nutrition, by T. Colin Campbell

· Brain Food: The surprising science of eating for cognitive power, by Lisa Mosconi

· Eat & Flourish: How food supports emotional well-being, by Mary Beth Albright

· The Future of Nutrition: An insider’s look at the science, why we keep getting it wrong, and how to start getting it right, by T. Colin Campbell

Irish American Heritage Month

§ A Short History of Ireland, by John Gibney

§ The Country Cooking of Ireland

§ My Father Left Me Ireland: An American son’s search for home, by Michael Dougherty

§ Legendary Ireland: A journey through Celtic places and myths, by Eithne Massey

§ Haunted Ireland: True ghost stories part 1, by Mary Devey

§ The Story of Ireland: A history of the Irish people, by Neil Hegarty

§ Real Irish New York: A rogue’s gallery of colorful characters and drunken debauchery, by Dermot McEvoy

§ The Irish Americans: A history, by Jay Dolan

March 7-Purim

· Hadassah: One night with the King, by Tommy Tenney

· Esther: Royal beauty, by Angela Hunt

March 8- International (Working) Women’s Day

· When Women Lead: What they achieve, why they succeed, and how we can learn from them, by Julia Boorstin

· More than Enough: Claiming space for who you are (no matter what they say), by Elaine Welteroth

· In the Company of Women: Inspiration and advice from over 100 makers, artists, and entrepreneurs, by Grace Bonney

· Daily Rituals: Women at work, by Mason Currey

· The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women: Why capable people suffer from the imposter syndrome and how to thrive in spite of it, by Valerie Young

March 14- National Pi Day

p A Most Elegant Equation: Euler’s formula and the beauty of mathematics, by David Stipp

p Magnificent Mistakes in Mathematics, by Alfred Posamentier and Ingmar Lehmann

p The Magic of Math: Solving for X and figuring out why, by Arthur Benjamin

p Pi of Life: Hidden happiness of mathematics, by Sunil Singh

p Humble Pi: When math goes wrong in the real world, by Matt Parker

March 15 -Ides of March

· The Ides of March, by Thornton Wilder

· Caesar: A Biography, by Christian Meier

· The Death of Caesar: The story of history’s most famous assassination, by Barry Strauss

March 17-Saint Patrick’s Day

§ St. Patrick’s Day Murder, by Leslie Meier

§ Four Leaf Cleaver, by Maddie Day

§ Night of the Blackbird, by Heather Graham

§ St. Patrick’s Day Murder, by Leslie Meier

March 20- Earth Day

· Wildlife Ecology, Conservation, and Management, by John Fryxell

· Lost Woods: The discovered writing of Rachel Carson, by Rachel Carson

· Beaverland: How one weird rodent made America, by Leila Philip

· 100 Plants to Feed the Birds: Turn your home garden into a healthy bird habitat, by Laura Erickson

· Elderflora: A modern history of ancient trees, by Jared Farmer

· The Nature of Oaks: The rich ecology of our most essential native trees, by Douglas Tallamy

· Gardening Basics for Dummies, by Steven Frowine

· Voices from the Odeyak, by Michael Posluns

March 23- Ramadan

· Muhammad: A prophet for our time, by Karen Armstrong

· How to Cure a Ghost: Poems, by Farih Roisin

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